A legal DNA test is a test conducted under very strict, monitored conditions with results that are admissible in court. There are many situations that require legal DNA tests, and these tests are required if directly requested by a judge, court or if you have been subpoenaed.

When Will I Need a Legal DNA Test?

You may require a legal DNA test if you:

  • Are involved in a court case attempting to prove or dispute the father of your child
  • Want to petition the court for custody or visitation
  • Are planning to sue someone for custody, parental rights, or to receive child support payments
  • Want to make a claim as a legitimate heir of an estate
  • Want to receive government benefits like social security
  • Want to change a child’s information on a birth certificate

If you are planning to adopt or are looking into surrogacy, obtaining legal DNA test results will help determine the biological mother and father, and reduce the possibility for someone else attempting to legally claim your child.

What Makes the Test Legal?

Legal DNA tests follow very strict protocols during the entire collection and testing process with documented identification to ensure samples are never contaminated or mishandled. This means that you will be required to show an ID, birth certificate or social security card. You may also be photographed, and all of this identifying information is sent to the lab with your DNA samples. This is called Chain of Custody, and this documentation makes the test results admissible in court.

Your privacy is of the utmost importance. While identification is required, you have the ability to schedule sample collection and testing for different locations and times. Your identity and samples will only be available to our staff and the lab technicians, and your results will be delivered to you or your appointed representative or attorney.

What is the Cost of a DNA Test?

Legal DNA testing is very affordable. If you are required to obtain a legal DNA test for a court case, the court or opposing legal side may reimburse the cost. In addition, we offer payment plan options to better assist you in covering the cost of the test. Please visit our Cost page for more information.