DNA Testing Services in Atlanta

We provide easy and painless DNA testing services and quick results in the Atlanta metro area in both our office location and mobile testing service.

We offer DNA collection services using both buccal swabs (they look similar to Q-tips) and blood draws to collect the cells needed for testing. The labs we partner with are fully accredited and the cost for each test includes sample collection, the actual laboratory testing, and the results.

We work with DDC Laboratory, the best DNA Diagnostics Center in the country. This lab is fully accredited and has even been used by famous TV personality Maury Povich.

We offer DNA testing for the following situations:


This test determines the father of a child. Legal paternity tests use Chain of Custody which is not available for over-the-counter, DIY or other at-home tests. Chain of Custody is required if you need to legally determine paternity for child support, social security, to change the name on a birth certificate or anything that may involve the court system.


Testing is used for international and domestic adoptions and also to reunite children separated from their biological parents (often called reunification).


DNA testing may be required by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and/or by U.S. Embassies abroad to provide evidence of a familial relationship with claimed immigration beneficiaries. Tests must be performed by an accredited laboratory. Legal DNA testing is required in this instance to provide Chain of Custody.


Unlike paternity testing which may determine potential infidelity that resulted in a child, this test identifies potential infidelity by testing bodily fluids (semen or vaginal fluid) found on underwear, clothing or bed sheets. The collected DNA is then compared to another sample. The test is entirely discreet. You may contact us to collect the samples or to drop them off at our office. You do not need to purchase a legal DNA test unless you intend to use the evidence in court proceedings for divorce, etc.


Forensic DNA tests are typically performed when a crime has been committed. Samples of blood, body fluids, hair and fibers are tested and compared to government databases. Legal testing with Chain of Custody is required for forensic tests.


DNA testing can determine genetic heritage and family relationships. This test may help identify where your ancestors originated as well as determine living relatives with a shared or common ancestor. You do not need a legal test for genealogy unless you intend to file any court case.


If you are considering surrogacy to have a child, it is a good idea to also consider DNA testing as a preemptive measure to determine and confirm the biological relationship between you and the surrogate child. This test can avoid disputes over custody or parental rights following the birth of your child.

Estate Planning

This test is necessary when someone makes a claim to an estate or otherwise claims to be a child, descendant or relative of a deceased person. DNA testing is a simple and effective way to determine the validity of the person’s claims and resolve questions about the person’s biological relationship with the deceased. This test is often requested by estate lawyers and executors. For estate planning, a legal DNA test should be performed.

Child Safety Identification

DNA tests are quick and painless and will provide you with a permanent record of your child’s unique characteristics. The test can be performed in your own home for added comfort. While this test is not necessary, it affords you additional protection in the event your child is ever lost or kidnapped or someone challenges the child’s genetics. A legal DNA test is recommended.

If you are struggling with these or any other issues where DNA testing may help, please call us today. We will arrange a time and recommend the type of testing that is best suited for your needs, and provide you with the results you need quickly.