All names were changed to protect patient identity.


I found the Mobile DNA service offered by The Paternity Doctor easily through a Google search, and contacted the site. The technician I spoke with was very helpful in explaining the process. Doing the legal test, I had my test performed at their site, and the child’s test was performed via their mobile service.  They went out of their way to make everyone comfortable with the process, and handled everything in a professional manner, ensuring the reliability of the results.

The results were emailed back to me within a couple of days, and I am expecting the certified results within the next week. I highly recommend The Paternity Doctor to anyone who needs to get a DNA test done quickly, confidentially, and with accuracy!


This is the most professional service I have ever hired. The lab technician was there at the exact time promised and I got my results really fast. I would definitely recommend this service to anyone.


Thanks to The Paternity Doctor, I was able to add my child to my health insurance. They were requesting a DNA test because my girlfriend and I are not married. Their very friendly lab technician came to my house and performed the test at our convenience. They really went out of their way to get the results to me really fast.


I want to sincerely thank The Paternity Doctor for having such a private service. I had a very uncomfortable situation where they needed to test two potential fathers. They performed both tests at two separate locations without either party knowing that there were two people being tested. I also love the fact that I can pick up the phone and call them and ask as many questions as possible. They kept in touch with me until all the results were in. I give them 5 stars. Great company!


My father died a couple of weeks ago and I needed to know if he was really my father. I called up many companies and had no help. When I called The Paternity Doctor not only did they rush to the funeral home to get the DNA from my deceased father but their prices were outstanding. I am so happy that at such a hard time in my life a company like The Paternity Doctor was there to save me. Really nice and friendly people.


I needed a DNA test for my youngest child. I didn’t want my wife to know what I was up to. I called The Paternity Doctor and went to their very private location and they performed the DNA test. I gave them very strict instruction in order to keep this from my wife and they followed them to a T. Not only were their prices the best I have found but they accept credit cards and the statement says TPD.inc. This company is really great. Thanks Paternity Doctor, I sleep better every night knowing the results from my child’s DNA test.